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FACT Calls for Probe of the Super PAC Americans for Progressive Action USA

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Evidence Shows that Americans for Progressive Action USA Has Filed False Reports With the FEC

Washington, D.C.—May 18, 2020— The non-partisan ethics watchdog, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against the super PAC, Americans for Progressive Action USA, for filing false financial disclosures.

According to FACT, in April 2020, Americans for Progressive Action USA made FEC filings, in which they reported raising over $4.8 million and spending more than $2.5 million on political advertising. Numerous irregularities were identified with the super PAC’s filings, raising suspicion.

Federal law requires a super PAC to file a “Statement of Organization” within 10 days of forming, after which it must report any contributions received or any money spent. Additionally, federal law requires all reports to be true, correct, and complete.

“This is a violation of the law because the super PAC did not report the actual source and amount of its contributions and did not disclose its actual spending. The activities of the super PAC are unknown. Moreover, any funds raised by Americans for Progressive Action USA were not spent\for the claimed advertising, indicating the funds could have been spent for improper purposes, personal or otherwise,” the filing said. “Clearly here are highly suspicious activities taking place and the FEC must do a full review of this super PAC. This appears to be a scam PAC not a super PAC,” said Kendra Arnold, the Executive Director of FACT.

A full copy of the complaint can be found here.

FACT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency in government and civic arenas.  For more on FACT, visit:




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