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FACT Calls for Probe into Theresa Greenfield, Her Campaign, and Senate Majority PAC

Evidence Shows Theresa Greenfield, her campaign, and Senate Majority PAC illegally coordinate to gain political advantage.  

Washington, D.C.—June 5, 2020— The non-partisan ethics watchdog, the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), today, filed a complaint calling for an immediate investigation into Theresa Greenfield, her campaign (Theresa Greenfield for Iowa), and the super PAC, SMP – also called Senate Majority PAC.

According to FACT, Theresa Greenfield and her campaign apparently accepted an illegal “in-kind contribution.” Greenfield followed a known method by using an “Important Update” page on her website with content readily available for an outside group to quickly create an ad. After the super PAC ran the ad, Greenfield changed her website and deleted this alleged “update.”

Additionally, Senate Majority PAC made an illegal contribution to Greenfield’s campaign by republishing Greenfield’s campaign materials, including photographs and video, as a television advertisement.

The complaint states, “There is reason to believe that Theresa Greenfield and Greenfield for Iowa are coordinating with Senate Majority PAC based on (1) Greenfield using a known method to communicate with the super PAC to provide instruction and content for an advertisement; and (2) Senate Majority PAC responding by running the specific advertisement with the requested content within a week of the request.”

“The evidence speaks for itself” said Kendra Arnold, the Executive Director of FACT. “Greenfield used a known method to communicate with super PACs to ask for an ad – and it worked within a week. She provided everything for the ad, including video that literally had no audio and that was only available with a direct link– content clearly created for the ad. This is the second time Greenfield has done this with success. The appropriate penalties need to be imposed to deter Greenfield and future candidates from coordinating with super PACs.”

FACT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency in government and civic arenas.  For more on FACT, visit:




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