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FACT Files Complaint Against Rep. Clarke for $120,000 Lost from Her Office

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Today, FACT filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Representative Yvette Clarke for the loss of $120,000 in taxpayer funds allocated to her office. Ten percent of Clarke's annual office budget was written off as a loss after it was used to purchase equipment that had no apparent business purpose, i.e. iPods and televisions, and went missing. Once the loss was discovered, Clarke reportedly did nothing--she did not take any action to discover what caused the loss, to recover the equipment, or to hold anyone accountable.

The Ethics Rules impose a responsibility on Members to use the taxpayer funds allocated to their office only for appropriate government purposes. Not only does Clarke have an affirmative duty to ensure taxpayer funds are not abused, but if there is abuse or criminal activity, she must act to stop it, which at a minimum would require reporting it and supporting an investigation and possible recovery of funds.

Read FACT's complaint in full here.

Read the Daily Caller's coverage of FACT's complaint here.

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